3 oz sharp cheddar cheese, finely shredded Instructions. Finely Shredded Cheese Blend, Mexican Style. The mellow, nutty flavor of this ready-to-use shredded Swiss cheese is great for appetizers, snacks, salads, vegetable dishes and for melting in fondue or quiche. For your convenience, this delicious cheese has been pre-shredded so that it's ready to be added to your favorite dish, and this resealable 8 oz pouch ensures that your cheese will be fresh every time. You'd need to walk 28 minutes to burn 100 calories. On the other hand, grated cheese is usually made of parmesan or romano cheese. Finely Shredded Cheddar Cheese. 2 cups. UPC 021000053728. 20. This finely shredded cheese adds delicious, mild cheddar flavor to anything you add it to. Melt butter and heat until starting to simmer. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home delivery Tell us what you think! 2% Milk Finely Shredded Four Cheese Mexican Shreds Melt perfectly to add a helping of love to casseroles, skillets, or any family-style dish made to share with the people that matter most. Low price always. I use shredded cheese for spur of the moment enchiladas or to top burgers with. This delicious natural cheese is great for restaurants or personal use. Show full nutrition information. Hill Country Fare Colby Jack Cheese, Shredded, 12 oz. Enter … $26.00 / 1KG . There are 110 calories in 1/4 cup (28 g) of Great Value Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Classic. Order authentic 4 Mexican Cheese Blend in Australia in Bulk for a variety of Tex Mex dishes. Pour butter over popcorn. Get full nutrition facts for other Great Value products and all your other favorite brands. In a bowl combine the above ingredients with a can (14.5 ounces) of diced tomatoes, 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 tablespoon dried parsley, 2 large eggs (beaten), 2 ½ cups bread crumbs, 1 pound ground beef, 1 cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and 1 cup Bull’s Eye Carolina BBQ Sauce (or your favorite brand of BBQ sauce). Show full nutrition information Kroger'S Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese (1 cup) Calories: 1, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g. $2.77 each ($0.24/oz) Add to list. This shredded cheddar cheese comes backed by a brand with more than 100 years of cheese … Grated cheese is usually used as a topping on pizzas, pasta or salads. Swiss. FINELY SHREDDED SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE, UPC: 041498142117 weigh(s) 118.35 gram per (metric cup) or 3.95 ounce per (US cup), and contain(s) 393 calories per 100 grams or ≈3.527 ounces [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price | density]; Ingredients: PASTEURIZED MILK, CHEESE CULTURE, SALT, MICROBIAL ENZYMES AND ANNATTO (VEGETABLE COLOR).POTATO STARCH, CORN STARCH AND … Enjoy Kraft Mild Cheddar Finely Shredded Natural Cheese! Aged a minimum of 60 days, and is great for recipes that call for Cheddar as the main ingredient. This pack of shredded cheese includes eight ounces — approximately two cups — of cheese so you have plenty for multiple meals, and the package is reclosable to keep the cheese fresh between uses. Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar Cheese. Finely Shredded Cheese, Natural, Cheddar Jack. $2.04 each ($0.26/oz) Add to list. Shop Wisconsin Premium Finely Shredded Cheddar Gruyere Asiago Natural Cheese - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Kraft Triple Cheddar Finely Shredded Natural Cheese has a delectable taste that will elevate your meals from ordinary to extraordinary. $1.74 each ($0.22/oz) Add to list. Cheese, Finely Shredded, Triple Cheddar A blend of mild cheddar, sharp cheddar & Vermont white cheddar cheeses. Shredded from a quality blend of monterey jack, cheddar, queso quesadilla & asadero cheeses. Finely Shredded Taco Cheese Shreds Organic Valley ORGANIC VALLEY Finely Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese. Recipe Go-To. Save to list + Perfect Italiano Extra Sharp Grated Parmesan 125g Perfect Italiano Extra Sharp Grated Parmesan 125g $ 3. Meijer Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz. Kraft Cheese Sharp Cheddar Finely Shredded Cheese, 8 oz.

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