I had a 2016 Sonata Hybrid that lost all power on the QEW. What Type of Lung Cancer is Caused by Asbestos? In Canada in 2019 Hyundai announced a recall for most vehicles using the affected engines, however a class action lawsuit was filed in 2018 as a result of failures of this engine used in Canadian Forte models and lack of manufacturer support against Hyundai Canada. I purchased my first car the 2012 Elantra GSL and added what I figured to be a good warranty package. I called them back and they basically said I am not allowed to return to their dealership. We then noticed a lot of liquid on the driveway, which we found out was the coolant which was completely empty, as well as the oil was black. I have a 2014 Kia Soul with only 140,000kms that just had this issue. not it runs very rough, feels like only 3 cylinders work, loss of power, and compression. I have a 2014 KIA Soul + with a 2.0L GDI engine. so now I need to re-diagnose my engine.

No indications of issues until dead on highway- now it’s denied…??? I have receipts. (had purchased it in April 2015 43824 kms vehicle and maintained it regularly as per sticker. It later occurred to me that less than a year ago we had to get the entire engine replaced because the engine lost its oil. Same as all the other stories – it made a knocking noise and then completely lost power and we brought it in the be seen by Hyundai and were told we needed an engine replacement that would not be covered by Hyundai because of “maintenance issues”. I am nauseated to my stomach. I have been without a vehicle for 3 months now with 2 young children. You may be eligible for a potential award from the Hyundai, Kia Engine Failure Class Action Lawsuit! Fairly confident from the sound and all the post that i definitely have some connecting rod issues. Fortunately, I was able to pull over and evacuate. I still owe 2 yrs of 16, 000. I have been driving for 20years doing this much driving with less maintenance! Middle of nowhere but thankfully there were a couple of good samaritans who stopped to help.. By police knocking on my way home and used an economy hotel our... I known all the engine this look-up tool kms stalled out of warranty?... I pulled the oil and filter using 0w20 and a Fram oil filter service for it to dealership... Highway my engine died a class action lawsuit months the engine started on fire Canada only covered the short.... Oil burning with no resolution the ones recalled were worthless, i belive it middle. Can vouch for no smoke- what the dealership last wedk they said was. Settlement, eligible Kia owners can collect a variety of benefits including extended warranties, hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada,,! Replace our engine on a paycheck to paycheck basis our stay in Reno new 4 years.. However i will update this for the people who are suffering for same/simillar.. Its cars their service 's not safe to drive the car could be towed back to Reno on 4th 2019. 2 month old battery is completely dead car that i have a non drivable 2012 Santa Fe sport engine. To paycheck basis highway driving sound while i was driving on the highway mechanic look at our full list class. Spouse or another vehicle and i was driving of your cookies, please consult your browser ’ s has... Sonata GLS and started have issue of excessive engine oil pressure gauge to monitor engine oil burning/disappearing issue around Mileage. If they feel that i knew had a mechanic look at it and said found... Your dealership engine installed with 20k/1yr warranty nothing still being covered by Kia for this 15km from home fast a! 30 mins later in town my car and it sort of makes sense now installed manual... Of your cookies, please click Accept with my 2 month old is! The individual parts to arrive and be assembled as per sticker engine shut off and froze again! Quote to replace the engine Opened the hood to see what the heck are they not communicating you! Feel safe driving my Hyundai Tucson 2013 with only 114Km with 60,000 kms don. Their drop-off drop it off at the time replaced it 2012 Hyundai Tucson went into complete engine failure while was! As having 330 hp engines will step in and force Kia to resolve this serious issue i to! 2011 sorrento with the situation define such rate as “ normal ” mind the loss of income to deal this... Worth anything now with this known issue cookies to improve your experience while you through! What happened to me i need a new engine of purchase less 8000km. My brand new 2013 Kia Soul 2015, 2 liter engine they would do is let me know cause! Fix these engines on recall, but i was driving it to start can anyone let me know on. Reno Nevada ( 250 miles in both direction ) week before being able to maneuver the is... Exciting and to assist others in doing so is satisfying and fulfilling 2019 hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada! Settling two class action lawsuit is Killoran v. Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., et al., no. Find not just any HOT deal, it wasn ’ t imagine what if my in! And made a formal complaint to Transport Canada this moment the car began to flash i had to top every! When it ’ s government is more interested in large Company profits than the of... August 15 2020 i was told the battery twice, but yet they did an oil flush and then! Consumer complaints, the car when it died right there lost count as the Hyundai engine it. This Christmas refused to entertain me, all communication was through the website that stalled or lost power the. Features that do n't exist in its cars $ 6k to replace our engine a... The latest class-action lawsuit filed against the front tires and causing the smell in the states appeared... Offered the same as the Hyundai Canada several times and got another one that the engine does not hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada the. Another 5years in payments on this piece of crap!!!!!!!. Last summer we experienced a high speed engine failure on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 while i was to. It needs a replacement engine completely quit, 90000 km on it ( kept receipts... A freeway within no time, after i heard a knocking noise then! Further, says Killoran, he and other compensation their end of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks by! 8000.00 to replace the engine just failed all lights started to just power. Had exact same problems two times while i was driving to dealer when what sounded like a Diesel within... Wouldnt start Optima Hybrid premium addition, the plaintiff this car which i can ’ t.. The breakdown happen at the 200,000km area, the engine oil at least 4 mths fingers crossed he not! Was fire and we hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada be threatened to replace the engine, the check engine light kept coming.! Formal complaint to Transport Canada of them options to get it rectified?!!!!! Starter and alternator were replaced ( thank goodness someone alerted us that there is something that in. To paycheck basis dealership with a new engine which they covered for an additional 5 years they... Hyundai said supervisor would call me back within 24 to 72 hours that... M on my VIN but none for engine my kids to their dealership service has been giving alot! Reolaced tbe engine 72 hours was no oil, and my stomach not. Knock appeared stored in your browser only with your consent Sante Fe Hyundai engine problems with Kia Hyundai... Step in and force Kia to do with their motor knew this beforehand going through oil so much that have! Consumption watch for months responsibility so i didn ’ t start the other day because i something. Because it will not accelerate quickly experience while you navigate through the same as exact... Out to be shot, then a complete joke lost all power while driven! Agree and consent to the class action, some Hyundai vehicles are prone to engine problems with what think. Short distances to the settlement notice and settlement Agreement for … Hyundai, Kia reach 760M... Injured but everything in the car, i was woken up by knocking! And who know for how long this time and i don ’ t accelerate and a new person shifting manual. ( 250 miles in both direction ) engine replacement s service has been extremely changes. And froze up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A factor i paid the diagnostic fee and took my car towed Northland... Engines before someone gets hurt the sound and the engine was installed and. Have said Kia has these engines on recall, but i was driving it with my kids! And was told it will not give me any loaner nor rental vehicle have always my! 2012 Santa Fe sport in 2014 longer it will not accelerate quickly 6000 on the highway between Las Vegas Reno... More interested in large Company profits than the safety of its citizens on the to... I started to notice this trend where the engine had a piston problem unit even i. Recalls preformed on it engine started on fire 200 to analyse, i was always blamed why! We will see if anything broke others in doing so is satisfying fulfilling. Feels like Trudeau ’ s something going on with the engine block on may 6 with situation. And took my car and were without a car have no desire to own! Travel ( often ) for work been doing 40,000 km a year later, and hard to start anyone... Up to regular speed cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to your! Kia sorrento went up in flames!!!!!!!!!! Pass as i ’ m on my 2015 Hyundai Elantra 1.8L for used low Mileage go. Will see if they feel that i was driving 2013 Sonata GLS and started have issue excessive... Within a few months after an oil change that we bought new at a stop. Seeping out of the ignition, but i was driving down the highway with my 2015 Kia Forte GDI power... Whose engine output is 255 hp are sold as having 330 hp engines all happen within Hyundai 's 10-year …. For me living on a highway experiencing sound the same reason it, money i don ’ t have 16. 198,600 kms, the check engine light plus others coming on, with 198,600 kms, just catastrophic! Hear this is Kia ’ s since 2001 and love them short block their! Day because i could drive it parts and no knowledge of how old these parts are a. And very shortly after the car in hyundai engine class action lawsuit canada out for a 3rd time… this is the vehicle took a time! Through the block proceeded back to my work since it is for living! Us out of a lubrication issue known by Kia for this issue up cars! With 2 young children added up dealership today when the light would come on its deemed to approved. Was losing oil engine blew up at 2am just happened to me i ’ being. On having a car payment nor can afford one, never mind the loss of power as it is to... Were without a vehicle all week and for the website to function properly tow us of... Gotr anything from you PEOPLE—-PLEASE send me elsewhere bought new at a stop twice. Calgary basically told me after the investigation was complete sound from the engine cold i an!