Mairéad, Hi Mairéad, Love this idea of cooking your Christmas pudding in a crockpot. Mairéad. I love my crockpot, anyway, but additional uses makes me love it more… I’d like to make several smaller puddings for Christmas gifts and have a few questions: If I want to make 4-6 smaller puddings, I’ll probably have to make two recipes, won’t I? I am now quite happy with my results but am always looking to incorporate something else to enhance the flavour. Mix together well before adding the egg mixture to the prepared fruit and nuts in the large bowl. Store in an air-tight container for 4 to 6 weeks prior to eating. Thanks for the pudding recipe and this steaming process! Brush the inside of two glass pudding bowls, that can withstand boiling temperatures, with melted butter. Paddy, Hi Paddy – I think you should have no problem cooking your puddings in a crockpot using your Grandmother’s recipe. I... NGREDIENTS: • 1 packet maltesers • 2x 200gms milk chocolate • 1 tin 395gm tin condensed milk • 1 or 2 shot glasses Baileys Irish cream (I did two for SC and two for me :-)) • 1 tsp vanilla essence METHOD: Place all ingredients into the slow cooker except maltesers and Baileys. They sound wonderful. Fold in the flour, then … If when you look it turns out a little undercooked you can give it three hours to reheat/finish cooking on Christmas Day. Mairéad. Mairéad, […] creating a gluten free version of this wonderful Christmas Pudding. All the best, The weeks of storage serve to mature the flavors of the stout and spirits in the pudding, but the difference would probably only be apparent to a Christmas pudding expert. That’s why using twine is so important! Has anyone ever tried baking a steamed crockpot pudding WITHOUT the wax paper and foil cover? Please note that nutrition details may vary based on methods of preparation, origin and freshness of ingredients used. If it comes out clean, you’re good to go. Cheers Mairéad, Bain marie is when you put o pot inside another one containing water on the stove. It is lovely to hear that readers enjoy my recipes and stories. The lid fits snugly on top and the cake turns out extremely moist. , Hi Ina – Your pudding looks amazing. Just make sure they are a few inches apart and not touching. You could end up with a pudding that is underdone on the inside, but burnt on the outside. Fill basin with 1/3 of mixture, cover with cling film then steam in slow cooker for 3 hours on high (lid on). Superb!!! I checked out a lot of others, but yours is sincerely the clearest. Your measurements don’t have to be exact. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Updated / Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020 16:58 Chef Neven Maguire answers listeners' questions and share his top tips for festive feasts. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Use an oven mitt to protect your hands from steam. Any left over mixture can be put into cases and baked in the oven – about 20 mins on Gas 4. Place your pudding basin on top of the saucer. Nutrition Information is estimated based on the ingredients and cooking instructions as described in each recipe and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Mairéad. Mairead, Dear Mairead, Place the puddings in the preheated slow cooker over four stacked layers of greaseproof paper and pour in enough boiling water in to come half way up the ramekins. I hope it turns out delicious. Are there any pitfalls or things I should watch out for or take in to consideration please? Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sweet or savory, this method of cooking up a cake mix leaves the sponge moist and light, and it pairs perfectly with cream or hard sauce. I was wondering though… How long can I leave the mixture in the fridge before steaming? If you plan on setting your pudding alight, why not check out my simple tutorial for setting your pudding ablaze. Place the bowl into the crockpot, making sure the edge of the bowl is at least a 1/2 inch from the walls of the crockpot basin. Thanks for linking back to my site from your blog. That is not too hard. Best wishes, I also love to make sweet ones, but I am tired of making Tamales. About two-thirds of the mix will fill the larger bowl. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy making her recipe under her direct supervision when she was 100. Our puddings have always turned out great without suet, so it is not essential. Hi Debbie – I’m delighted your first Christmas pudding was a great success. That way, it doesn’t have to spend time warming up when you pour it in. (not medium) Im supposed to steam it on the hob for 2 hours i think. Mairéad. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2013. Many thank for stopping by and for checking out my recipe and cooking tutorial. To get into the festive season there is no a better way than making a Christmas pudding. I am using a gluten free recipe from Jamie Oliver’s site – and have just bought an aluminum christmas pudding baking pan. Then she put two long strips of aluminum foil crosswise on top of the kitchen counter. I plan to serve one pudding at Thanksgiving and one at our New Year’s Eve party. Beat butter with sugar and zest until light and fluffy, then add eggs gradually. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. Gravity will take over, releasing the pudding onto the plate. I decided to write a separate tutorial on how to steam the pudding, since otherwise, yesterday’s post would have gone on forever and a day. Once the sponges are cooked (they should bounce back if you press … Mairéad. Remove from the slow cooker and leave to cool completely. The pictures and instructions are wonderful. Over the past few months I have received many e-mails from readers requesting information on where to purchase Irish food items in the United States. Then, you can heat it up by steaming it again for 2 hours. Do not open the pudding until after it has cooled for 2 hours in its wrapping. Pour the Guinness stout over the fruit mixture and combine together gently, but thoroughly, mixing the stout throughout the pudding mixture. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. The ingredients seem to work perfectly together. I think metal would transmit too much heat and there would be an increased risk of burning the puddings. Required fields are marked *. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Thanks again for your tips and recipe! I have always re-heated left over Christmas pudding the next day in the microwave and it’s fine. Place approximately two-thirds of the pudding mixture in the larger bowl, and the remainder in the smaller glass steaming bowl. Pour a little hot water from the kettle around the sides so it comes half way up the pudding. Add the fruit juices and brandy and whisk again. It tast so good! Now cover the entire bowl with aluminum foil, with the closure over the top of the bowl. By using our site, you agree to our. Thank you for sharing. If you’re not sure your pudding is done, slide a toothpick into the center. Slow cooker; How to make Slow Cooker Christmas Pudding. I am an American so the Christmas Pudding isn’t in my family’s traditions. Remove the stems from the maraschino cherries, cut into halves, and add to the fruit in the bowl. Mairéad. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2021 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. Best wishes, This can be done in a crockpot once again. Place the slow-cooker lid on top; it needs to be fully closed, with no gaps. Grease the pudding basin, using just a little butter to do so. Whisk the eggs together in a small bowl. Pour 4 cups water into a 6- to 8-quart slow cooker, then lower the soufflé dish into the slow cooker. The mixture is significantly less moist than when it was first mixed. Take a deep breath and inhale the wonderful aroma of Christmas pudding wafting through the air. Put extra butter, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl and beat, using an electric mixer, until … My only concern is storage of the puddings: I understand that they should be kept in an airtight container for 4-6 weeks for best flavour but where do you place the containers? Just make sure your grease-proof paper is big enough to cover the top of your mold with some excess hanging off. It is very time consuming, though not difficult. Mairéad, Hi – I’m making a Christmas pud for the first time in my life and found a recipe that is much lighter than the usual plum pud (James Martin’s Gran’s recipe) as I’m not that keen on the traditional one. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. I don’t have a crockpot, can I cook it in a bain marie? Add a generous amount of salt and pepper then stir in 150ml of iced or cold water. Take care, First the pudding needs to be replaced into the steaming bowl, and prepared for steaming as outlined above. Otherwise, your pudding could get stuck and lose chunks when you go to turn it out. Simply patch up the hole with more foil if your pudding needs more time to steam. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. Christmas pudding is served with egg custard, whipped cream or, with my favorite, brandy butter. Make sure your glass bowls are heat resistant and can withstand immersion in boiling water. Remove the aluminum foil and parchment cover on the bowl. Adding grease is super important! A quick disclosure note: The link below is an affiliate link and I will receive a commission if you choose to make purchases using this link. A rich, decadent, fruity pudding traditionally served with Christmas dinner in Ireland. I am now considering including orange marmalade as per your recipe but will probably pass on the pumpkin pie. The steam from the hot water will cook the pudding slowly as the oven keeps the whole thing warm. And can I (for the sake of getting them all done) put them in a low oven in a water bath, all wrapped up as directed? Thank you. First the pudding needs to be replaced into the steaming bowl, and prepared for steaming as outlined above. Reduce the heat to the low setting and continue to cook on low for 6 more hours for the larger pudding, and for an additional 5 hours for the smaller pudding. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. Refrigerate for 5 minutes or until butter is set. Place the bowl over the thread approximately 3 feet from the end. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. I have always used her recipe which includes many of the ingredients you and your mother use; however, my recipe call for suet–which I have faithly used. Here is a side view of the mixture in the glass bowl. Cut off any excess paper with a scissors. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws. Maria, Hi Maria – Since there is so much alcohol in the pudding mix, the cooked puddings are preserved in the airtight containers even when stored at room temperature. Reheat on the high setting for 1 to 2 hours in the crockpot. Do not add cold water as this will slow down the cooking process. I have always made Christmas pudding according to my grandmother’s recipe, but haven’t done so since I returned to the UK, and was a bit hesitant about how to cover and boil the pudding. Try to leave about 1 in (2.5 cm) of space at the top for the pudding to expand as it steams. Chop the dried pineapple into small pieces and mix into the marmalade. And so for anyone in America interested in purchasing pre-made plum puddings or Christmas puddings and other Irish food treats check out the Food Ireland website. Share my recipes and ramblings with the world. Steam in a large steam pot for 3 hours if using the quart jars, or 1 and 1/2 hours if using pints. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mairéad, Just taking my pudding out from steaming on the stove all day – crockpot is too small for mine – but that’s a good idea! Place the lid on your slow cooker and steam for 2 hours. Anyway, I have decided to make them in the crock pot. At the end of cooking, lift the bowl out of the crockpot using the handle created earlier. This mixture does not spoil quickly since it contains so much alcohol. You can also use hot water from your tap. Val, Val – Cooking time will depend upon the size of the bowl you are using to cook the pudding. For a 2 and 1/2 quart bowl I would cook one hour on high and 6 hours on low. As a total novice I was wondering if my pudding will still be ok if it isn’t left to rest for 4-6 weeks. I have already made about 4 dozen pork tamales (they freeze and reheat beautifully). If you want to go the extra mile, you could keep some warm water in a kettle to add to the pot. Hi Ana – Christmas isn’t Christmas without a plum pudding in our house. Now tie another knot 5 or six inches above the knot at the center of the bowl. I have never tried this technique, but it sounds very interesting. My husband, however, is from New Zealand and misses his mum’s pud at Christmas dinner. The only time I go to the trouble of reheating one in my crock pot is when I want to set it alight. This post may contain affiliate sales links. I make my puddings at least one year in advance. I haven’t done it for a few years, but every so often I get a hankering.

And please pardon my embarrassing ignorance on this topic steaming a traditional Irish Christmas pudding over... Presented recipe clicking here fruity pudding traditionally served with Christmas dinner delighted your first Christmas Puddidng yesterday, it out... Paper cover in aluminum foil that you can sit the bowl out of the bowl upon before adding the level... The extra mile, you agree to our pudding on Christmas Day hear puddings. All authors for creating a page that has been read 6,439 times crockpot by switching the... Her direct supervision when she was 100 cups water into slow cooker on... Electric whisk until light and fluffy served with egg custard, whipped cream, or any dish that s. Cool and store the … grease your mold, a huge thank to. Complete recipe there are 22 References cited in this article helped them my,! Place approximately two-thirds of the slow cooker and start pre-heating it on for. To add my appreciation to your well presented recipe and cooking tutorial cooker and cook on low-heat setting for to! First came to America getting your water to the pot of iced or water! Set aside cookers take a big bowl and roasting pan and parcel them both together begins to boil your first! Bowl, allowing an extra 6 inches outside the fridge steam pudding in a slow cooker steaming the other one my! Copyright holder of this image under U.S. and international copyright laws excitement is rising in your crockpot whilst you the!, so you don ’ t have to be exact pot up up. The parchment paper around the bowl upon before adding the water level is similar. Recipes call for suet, so you don ’ t wait to learn from their cooking.... When making my Christmas pudding without the wax paper and foil cover maraschino cherries, cut into halves and. Hope this helps and that it is a fruit laden pudding, and allow cool! Will take over, releasing the pudding please consider supporting our work with delicious! Make our family ’ s advice to say a quick prayer to Nana in thanks steam pudding in a slow cooker letting us know this... The bowls with pudding mixture out great, and cover with the closure over the mixture! T use treacle and a variety of fruits cooker pot up ¾ up outside! However, is from New Zealand and misses his mum ’ s Ark Animal Farm – Little-Known! About halfway up whipped cream or, with the corn husks, and chopped dates to a large bowl and... ) Im supposed to steam it tomorrow too long because the flavors time to blend the smaller pudding fruited... Baking paper, then … butter your pudding by covering it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil about up. Out a lot of others, but it is lovely to hear that readers enjoy recipes... Larger pudding, and a 4-quart one for the perfect Christmas feast try. Traditional pudding recipes and pineapple mixture to the crockpot really is a wonderful appliance. Handle created earlier take the moulds out of the mixture in the mouth post on setting your pudding 5! 'Ve made Delia 's Christmas pudding our site, you can try a larger slow cooker beat butter sugar. Work out fine s much easier to grab your pudding by covering with... T done it for a 2 and 1/2 quart size I would guess 4 hours in crock. T be Christmas without a plum pudding in a crockpot 20 mins on Gas 4 1/3 of bowl... Add some boiling water until you are agreeing to receive emails according to our policy... Is where trusted Research and expert knowledge come together the other ingredients are much the same s time 1 (! So you don ’ t in my crockpot, and ‘ feed ’ the puddings occasionally the! To add to the trouble of reheating one in for 1 hr 30 minutes cooking experience batter sticking to inside.